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DSA Housing[center][color=#333333][size=4]DSA Housing[/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#333333][size=4][url=tel:574-250-7708]574-250-7708[/url][/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#333333][size=4][][/email][/size][/color][/center] [center][size=4][font=Tahoma, sans-serif][b]MANUFACTURED HOMES STARTING AT $19,495![/b][/font][/size][/center] - DSA Housing is a direct factory outlet, supplying residential, commercial, and employee housing to various markets nationwide. - DSA offers a wide range of newly manufactured homes ranging from a 1 Bedroom/1 Bath home to an 8 Bedroom/4 Bath home. - DSA also offers multiplex units including our popular Triplex and Quadplex models. Both models are single units sectioned off into 3 or 4 private (Motel-Like Plexes) that are self sufficient with kitchenettes included in each room. IDEAL FOR TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE HOUSING, and also STUDENT HOUSING!! - DSA offers a wide range of Park Models, which are ideal for your home away from home at your favorite lake, campground, or resort. - The slide show above shows a variety of homes that we offer. DSA is the leader in the industry at supplying MANUFACTURED HOMES....MODULAR HOMES....MULTIPLEX UNITS....PARK MODELS....all at a price no one can match!! - Pick out a floorplan, email us or call us for a quote"[size=5]Sample interior images for various floor plans of all series.[/size]Call Dave Hoffman at [url=tel:574-250-7708]574-250-7708[/url] or email at [email=][/email]