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Click HereClick HereFinally, your time has arrived! At Mansion Hill we believe your senior year starts here! By that, we mean we understand why it is such a big deal to be a senior. Everything you have done up until this point in your life is reaching a climax. After graduation, you start another big chapter. So what better way to celebrate now than a portrait session that shows all the things that have been part of your life. Play sports? Have a cool car? Love gaming? Seriously into fashion? At our studio, we are your partners in getting images that are not only unique, but they are unique to YOU.  Seniors these days seem to define their senior sessions based on where they go, like inside or outside. We have the coolest studio you will find to do your portraits. You get a dressing room with your name on the door, cool music playing, soft drinks and water, and in the summer, we have air conditioning! The inside studio also is important because we know your time is also important, as is your parent's time. We have never had to cancel a session in our studio because of rain. So, say mom schedules a day off to take you for your session, and at 2:00 it pours down, leaving the air miserable. Your hair will never survive, right? Our studio is always cool and dry. We do outside portraits all the time. In fact, we have places in town no one else can go, they are reserved for our seniors. If you are planning to come for a senior session this information will be given to you when you call to book. If we will be only doing your senior's yearbook session, this information will be important. We schedule the yearbook sessions to be as convenient as possible. We try to have them in the afternoons on different days of the week during the year. The deadline is up to the school, but it uis usually in November. We strongly suggest that you come to an early session, we will start them in June. Once we have the schedule set an email will go out to all parents.  Yearbook photos are a senior tradition. As such, they have a few requirements. For boys, a dress shirt and tie are necessary. We can tie the tie for him, so please do not make dad do it before he heads to work that morning, it can result in a wrinkle that cannot be removed. Girls need to only cover their shoulders.  We do suggest that darker clothing be a priority, it helps to set of your senior's face in the image.  Also, we will show you the images as we create them, so you will be sure to have one that you love. It is not necessary for a parent to be at the session, but we certainly suggest it. We offer special pricing on collections from the yearbook sessions that are good that day only.Fron the first day of school to graduation day, mansion Hill Studio is there. We come to the concerts, plays, sports, dances, senior day, and many things in between. The last official photo of the year is done by Craig on the top of a giant ladder as you throw your graduation caps in the air. We are thrilled to be the official school photographer, and if we can do anything to make your year even more special, please do not hesitate to call us.Directions to the studio: We are located at 601 Washington. There is not a lot of signage, so the best this to do is head toward Pompilio's. At the corner of 6th. and Washington you will see a large white building and a parking lot. Enter the lot and turn right. You will see reserved signs on your right. Once parked, cross the street and follow the sidewalk to the main entrance. Inside, we are the first door on the right.[center][size=2]Mansion Hill Studio All I[/size][size=2]mages © 2017[/size][/center]
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