Sometimes life can take over and we forget to capture those moments, the ones that matter most.  
The way they smile at certain things or how their faces light up when you say or do something.  The way you look at each important stage of your life. The things that will soon be gone forever as time moves on and we change. 

Make time to capture how you feel and look at the important milestones in your life.  

First, we start with the consultation to plan the details of your custom photo shoot, designed just for you so that it will reflect who you are and capture the best of you and the people you love most.  We take time to explore all the options and chose the location and style to suit your priorities. We also think about how you will display your new photos and and talk about the different options.  Then we set a date. 

Next, the day of your photo session, time to sit back and relax with a coffee while you are pampered with hair, makeup and styling and then it's  lights,  camera, action.   No need to worry about anything as I direct you to make sure you look amazing in your photos with just the right light, angles and poses.  Good photography is a little like magic it takes practice and skill.  

Before you know it it's time to attend the personalised viewing of your photographs.  Sit back and enjoy a video presentation and take the time to look at and touch our beautiful artwork samples. 

Finally, we walk you through choosing your favorite images and artwork so that it can take pride of place in your home and become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy. 



Thank you for contacting me about creating beautiful 
Portrait images for you. 
Your photo session will be an amazing experience tailored
just for you and I can't wait to capture it for you! 
I'll  be in touch soon!

 Kim x 



Providing professional 
Horse & Dog Photography 
based in beautiful South Devon.

I know just how to get the very best from your horse or dog to capture their true character and the special relationship and bond between you.
Let me create special memories you will treasure forever.

Each session combines the best of studio and location to capture a wide range of imagery for you to choose from.  My private home studio backs on to beautiful woodland and the  river Yealm making an ideal outdoor studio and beautiful sandy beaches are less than 10 minutes away giving lots of choice. 




Welcome to your Ultimate Boudoir experience.  

Blush Boudoir’s all-female team provides a fully personalised service from initial planning to delivery of your beautiful images.    I want you to get images that are special and capture the best version of you to cherish.   Choose from the classic white sheet made famous by Marilyn Monroe, the full Hollywood glamour look or a simple relaxed style.   For something truly different we offer a retro 1940's Pin-up session. Worried about showing too much? No need  Boudoir is all about style and attitude and you only wear what you are comfortable in.  You'll probably find you wear less on holiday on the beach!   

Whether you are celebrating a milestone in life, a birthday, a new relationship, a marriage, or just who you are I want you to have a truly memorable and fabulous experience from start to finish.  

And when you look back at your images in years to come I hope you will remember how beautiful you looked on that day and realise that the confidence you felt is something that will be with you forever. 

You Are Beautiful In So Many Ways… Let Me Capture Them for you

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Each session includes a makeover with complimentary hair, makeup, styling and wardrobe consultation for 1 person together with a personal viewing appointment to select your images and products
Buy only what you love!

The prices listed above are for the session only and do not include any prints or products

So you’ve have booked your photoshoot and been waiting with anticipation for weeks or even months…..

You’ve chosen an outdoor photoshoot because you live in an area of outstanding  beauty with so many options for a truly gorgeous backdrop. There are So many beautiful places for a photoshoot in the South Hams & Devon and area renowned for its stunning scenery , after all if it's good enough for the movie industry it  will be just as amazing for your photos.

Perhaps you have planned a family shoot or you have a dog who you want photographed where they are most at home in beautiful woodland or even on the beach.

Whatever your plan you can be sure that they will be dependent on the good old British weather and it's unpredictability, even in the height of Summer when we would hope for  warm sunny days! 

So the week of your shoot has finally arrived and the weather has been fantastic up until now.  A quick check of the weather forecast for your shoot date and everything is looking fine and then suddenly it changes, and the forecast  is rain!!  As the shoot get's closer things get worse and all those careful plans and high hopes are fading fast.

So what do we do when this happens?  

Because I offer a bespoke service I never  schedule more than one session a day  as I want you to have my undivided attention.  This means it's always possible to be a little flexible about the timing of your shoot as long as we will still have enough light.  If the forecast looks variable in the days leading up to your shoot I will already have been in touch to discuss the options.  

Sometimes it might just mean changing the session timing slightly so we can fit in with the weather and either finish before the rain or start a little later when it has passed. 

If the weather forecast is truly dismal it may be necessary to reschedule your session as whilst it's possible to get great images in the rain it's not usually a lot of fun for anyone!  So although its always disappointing to have to have to do this  sometimes it can't be avoided as I want you to have an amazing session and images you will love. 

Because of the unpredictability of the British weather I always suggest we plan an alternative date as a precaution for outdoor sessions so it’s in the diary just in case the weather decided to throw us a curve ball.  IT's just one of the ways i try ot provide a high level of customer service to my clients.  

If none of the above works the final option is to consider a studio session instead.  This won't always be possible but often it can be a great alternative. 

If I think we will need to need to make changes or reschedule because the weather means you won't get the images you really want I will advice you accordingly and we will move to plan B what ever we decide that will be. 

Thank you for contacting me about creating beautiful 
Boudoir and Portrait images for you. 
Your photo session will be an amazing experience tailored
just for you and I can't wait to capture it for you! 
I'll  be in touch soon!

 Kim x 

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