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Cynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait Artist
Fine art portrait studio in Columbia, Lexington South Carolina.  Capturing your families precious memories and creating creating that one unique image or collection of images that will last a lifetime.
Cynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait ArtistCynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait ArtistCynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait ArtistCynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait ArtistCynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait ArtistCynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait ArtistCynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait ArtistCynthia Pace Photography -  Southern Carolina Premier Children & Family Portrait Artist



Are you ready to capture memories that will last a lifetime?

We pride ourselves in being a true fine art portrait studio.  Photography is simply one step in the creation of beautiful images and works of art.  Our philosophy is to always create work that will inspire as well as be cherished for generations.

Over the past 21 years, I've had the privilege to work with many families and capture those special years as their children grow; as a mom, I know first hand just how much joy portraits of my children and family have brought me.

I would love to capture your memories.

Let's talk about how your portrait experience will look.  Click below to contact us about a no obligation portrait consultation.

Kind Words & Thoughts


Cynthia in a class all by herself. If you are looking for something REALLY special you will book Cynthia.  

Claude O’Donovan


Cynthia has such a special gift with her ability to work with children. She is a complete professional who captures beautiful works of art. Her work is all over our house and I refuse to take down any Cynthia Pace photo 

Amanda Morrison


What a great experience with a true artist and people person. I look forward to working with her for years to come. Thank you so much. #trueartist    

Jared Franklin


The portrait experience

Thank you for your interest in my work.  Here you will find information on what to expect at a Cynthia Pace Portrait experience.  I hope to talk to you soon about capturing your family’s precious memories.

The Importance Of Portraits In Modern Life

To capture a loved one or to honor a special individual on canvas is a timeless expression of love and respect. I believe it is important for children to grow up surrounded by portraits of themselves, their siblings and their families. They  are often far more grounded in who they are, where they belong and how much they are loved.  

"There is no greater work of Art then a great Portrait"    Henry James

This is why I create works of art using photography as a tool, it has been said that an oil portrait lives forever!   A painting, be it digital or oil, unlike a photograph, has so much capacity for expression and power, passion and harmony, and life. Today, Portraiture is more important  than ever. In a world becoming less and less sensitive to the human condition, the more important portraiture becomes for  preserving our humanity, culture, care and love.   

Begin your journey today and create lasting memories of those you love. 

The Design Consultation & Studio Tour

The first step to prepare for your portrait session is to schedule a personal design consultation here at the studio so you can get to learn more about me and the services I offer.  During the consultation I will have a chance to find out a little more about you,  your family and your ortraits dreams. This will enable me to plan a portrait session that will best suit your family, your decorating style and the personality of the subjects. We will also discuss clothing, locations, portrait sizes and options, and pricing to create the best experience for you and your family. 

A trip to your home may also be in order and is a complimentary service I provide to ensure the perfect wall portraits for your home.

Peparing For Your Session 

After your consultation it's time to put into action the plans we made to complete our vision.  Choosing  outfits and accessories, arranging for haircuts a week or so prior to session and deciding  what, if anything,  you wish to bring to include in some of your portraits. 

Please remember we are here to help you and can usually provide ideas and information on where to find the ideal  clothing for the style of session you have booked. 

The Session

On the day of the session we ask you to please arrive on time and ideally a few minutes before so you can gather any items you have brought with you and not feel rushed.  

Please remember to bring everything you will need for the outfits you have chosen and anything else you may wish to include in their photos, such as a favorite stuffed animal, book or other small items of sentimental value.   If you are including a family pet in the session it is best to arrange for them to arrive near the end to avoid them becoming restless and a distraction. 

A portrait experience, with Cynthia Pace Photography is all about your family and enjoying the moment as I skillfully capture the memories we are creating, bringing to life a part of your family in perpetuity.  I understand that your children may be either full of energy and rarely sit still, or a little timid and unsure of  what is going to happen.  If you are attending one of our special themed sessions they may even be a little in awe of their surroundings.  Rest assured, I am a mom and have years of experience photographing children; I have my ways of getting them to do just what I need to capture those elusive magical images  you have yearned for!

Portrait Presentation  & Product Selection

Approximately one week after your session is complete, you will return to the studio to review your images and complete your order. This presentation session will be set up when we book your portrait session. Your portraits will be projected in order to best view them and you will be professionally guided in the portrait selection process. Of course, we will be focusing on creating that one unique image or collection of images that will last a lifetime.

How Can I Find Out More? 

I love what I do and I am always happy to assist you in whatever way I can to help you have a wonderful experience and beautiful portraits that capture the emotion and joy and truly reflect your family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail or by filling in the contact  form below and I'll be in touch soon. 



choosing your art

Preparing For Your Presentation Appointment

After your session, we will book a date for your portrait presentation appointment. This is every bit as important as the portrait session itself.  Choosing that one unique portrait or group of portraits is a momentous decision and one that we understand is not taken lightly.  We aim to guide you at each step of the process with our skill and expertise so you will be able to make the choices that suit you.   Many clients have felt excited and sometimes a little overwhelmed when they come to view their images, but they have found the advice on how to think through their purchases makes the process so much more fun and relaxing.

Who Should Attend The Portrait Presentation?

It’s simple - ask yourself would you purchase a sofa for your home without your spouse?  If not, you will want to make sure they are at the presentation session with you so they can be involved in choosing your portraits.  We understand that timing can be an issue and know how you feel - many people have felt that same way.  However, once they come to visit our studio and understand the process they have found that they want to have everyone share in the joy of their viewing session.  Anyone involved in the decision-making process should be there to help.  Remember you are going to make an investment into your family’s history and heirlooms.

What Is The Purpose Of The Presentation Appointment?

Our goal is to help you decorate your home with heirloom quality pieces of art.  Through our experience, we can guide you through the decision-making process to choose a work of art that will fit your decorating style.  Things to think about would be placement, ceiling height, wall width, colors and overall feel in your home. Email Ahead- During the consultation, we will talk to you about taking photos of places in your home you are looking to decorate.  Remember to take the images floor to ceiling with a ruler or yardstick against the wall, also try to take the image as straight on as possible.  Email them to us and we will magically be able to project your portrait onto your own wall during the viewing session!

How Will I Know What To Choose?

A valuable piece of advice that is often overlooked is… please take full advantage of our knowledge and expertise at your viewing session!  We set aside 1 1/2 hours just for your presentation because we want to ensure there is time go over all of your ideas and help you choose the perfect portrait that you will love for years to come.  A big advantage of being here in the studio is that you are able to view your beautiful artwork projected on a larger scale.  The clever bit is that we are also able to project the images at the actual size they will look in your home and even use images of where you might like to hang your portraits if you have emailed them to us in advance.  This can really help you choose the perfect style and size of wall art. 

" RoomView was simply amazing  we could see our  beautiful images just as if they were on our walls already "


What Will Our Finished Portraits Look Like?

Our Design Consultant and others here are trained to notice and discuss with you specific details in your images that might need to be enhanced or retouched.  People often feel embarrassed about making requests or uncertain about mentioning details in the image that they would like to enhance or change.  But we encourage you to feel free to always share your opinion, we are here for you and we are creating something for you and want you to have the best possible portrait we can create. 

Do I Have To Purchase My Portraits There and Then? 

We have found that the flow of an order is much smoother and relaxing when the order is completed during your presentation session and of course this also means that you will receive your precious portraits as soon as possible.  Un purchased images are purged after 30 days. 

On many occasions, clients have felt that they could go home and then make their decisions.  Unfortunately, in our experience, this is often not the case and these clients have found it very difficult to consider details and make that final decision alone.  We have also found that when these clients call in or email their order, they forget those little details that we would normally bring out in the presentation session, which of course leads to details missed on the final portrait.  

We, of course, are more than happy to remake any portrait you are not 100% satisfied with as we want you to love them; however, this process extends the amount of time it will take for you to receive your portrait causing additional stress. 

When Can I Expect To Receive My Order? 

The typical order takes 4-6 weeks.  Signature portraits and enhanced Signature oils require more time as they are a one of a kind portrait.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves in being a true fine art portrait studio.  We simply use photography as our medium to create beautiful images and works of art.  Our philosophy is to always create work that will inspire as well as be cherished for generations.  However, please remember that this takes time.  We do not sacrifice our quality or your satisfaction to have a portrait produced in a quicker manner.   

Any mistakes in the details of your order are never intentional and truly break our heart.  The key to a relaxing and enjoyable experience is to help us prepare for your portrait presentation session by taking into consideration the above mentioned steps.  

We strive to use every tool available to us to help make the decision process a relaxing and enjoyable one, but we can only go so far and rely on your help .  Everyone here cares deeply about your experience and we would all like to thank you for trusting us with your family treasures. It is a joy for me to create something truly special for each and every one of the families I have the privilege to photograph. 


The portrait session 

Our Portrait Sessions

Indoor sessions are conducted in my beautiful and spacious Lexington, SC studio. Here we utilize both studio lighting , as well as beautiful naural light, depending on my vision. Fees are $125 for a 1 hour session which includes up to 3 subjects. 

Outdoor sessions are $150 for a 1 hour session and up to three subjects and are conducted in the historic gardens of the USC Horseshoe, Governor’s Mansion, or one of a number of other local venues according to the vision we create for your portrait. 

You may add additional subjects to any session for $35 per subject and this may include a family pet. 

I love to travel to other locations including hand-picked destinations by request. These bespoke session fees are by quote as they vary according to distance and length of time away from the studio.

Session fees are payable at the time of booking to secure your session date. 


What We Specialize In

I have a passion for children and families, so events and weddings are not something I photograph. I am a Fine Art Studio and focus on creating that one unique image or collection of images that will last a lifetime, therefore all prints are sold a la carte. The exception to this rule might be a limited number of special themed or seasonal sessions held through the year such as Easter Bunnies or creative Christmas Family Keepsake sessions.   During these special sessions, we may have special prepaid print packages to choose from.  

Please note that we do not sell images on disk or any other digital media.


A Variety of different session to capture your perfect memories


Signature Portraits

Specializing in Fine Art Portrait Photography to enhance your home and office, we customize each piece of art to reflect your sense of style and decor. Although we paint digitally, each piece is hand painted to a style that fits the vision we have discussed. This is not your average portrait but beautiful individually crafted hand finished portraits with brush stroke textures. 

For that one of a kind portrait, we also offer an exceptional enhanced signature portrait hand finished in oils. These Easel Heirloom are sure to be cherished for a lifetime.


New Beginnings

I love nothing more than the opportunity to use my skill and creativity to capture the emotion and love contained in a mother’s heart.  

There is something very special in capturing the bond between  between a mother and her child, perhaps it is because those years are so fleeitng and gone in a blink that creating a portrait is so important. 


Beach portraits

Beautiful, sunset sessions are something special and very limited.  Only one family per evening available during my week at Pawley’s Island.  Please call for additional information.

I am always happy to talk about a bespoke destination beach session. 


Easter Bunnies & Fun 

Our very special Easter sessions are always popular and provide the perfect opportunity for  delightlful images with our bunnies as well as some other classic themes.  

Like the Bunnies you have to be quick to catch them! 


Heirloom Vignettes

Timeless Black and White images that capture the memory; a classic piece of art to grace every home. These special sessions are held twice a year in partnership with our local Children’s Boutique, James and Eloise.

The perfect opportunity to relive childhood memories


Angels & Sweethearts

These special portrait sessions are held annually in late January or early February to benefit a charity of my choice.  They are a light hearted opportunity to create heart warming vintage images. We have fun playing dress up and creating charming images full of personality.  All session proceeds go directly to the charity.


Christmas Family Keepsakes

These imaginative illustrative styled seasonal portraits will put the fun into Christmas.  Suitable for all ages, they are the perfect addition or alternative to our Legacy Santa Adventure for those with more grown up children.  

The unique portraits are created with our own special magic with a whimsical theme  and a timeless look these will warm your heart  and be full of memories to last a life time.


Legacy Santa Adventure

From September we offer the Legacy Santa Adventure magical and reminiscent of yesterday.  These limited availability 1 hour sessions with Santa allow your children to experience the magic and joy of Christmas as they share an adventure with Santa exploring his workshop.  They will leave with memories to last them a life time.

These special limited availability sessions focus on the creation of custom elite portraits for your home and our beautiful Heirloom leather story books created just for you to hold their precious memories and be cherished for years to come.