My PortfolioMy PortfolioCircles is the newest kid on the block of networking. It's an opportunity to be a part of something that works in a different way.  How many times have you sat in a meeting thinking, wow, same stuff yet again, nothing different here? We thought the same at Circles Networking, so we decided from the outset that we would take the best of what every other network offers and amalgamate it into one network but with different types of meeting. Circles was born with a 6-way DNA, we pushed for different styles of meeting and came up with something very different.  We have the six meetings which are: Speaker, Referrals, Training, 1-2-1, Board Room and Know it - Tell it. Each meeting is run purely to help the people in the room to know each other better and be in a position to be able to refer with confidence and understanding.  It's all very well wanting to refer someone but if you don't know the nuances of their business and what they do and don't do, it becomes an insult, not a referral. Come along, experience each of the six meetings and be a part of something that's building.