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The KC-Midwest Fashion Awards Association (KC-MFA) was established to provide recognition of excellence in the Midwest fashion industry. The KC-MFA will hold Red Carpet Events for the fashion community semi-annually that will highlight those individuals whose excellence has helped guide our market into the next generation of fashion excellence. KC-MFA’s two ceremony nights will be the premier red-carpet events of year, and winners in each category will be announced on stage and presented with their awards.



Come April of each year, the KC-MFA encourages fashionistas to come together for an evening replete with a “Dress to Impress Red Carpet Event”.  All expectations of what a fashion awards ceremony should be will be met or exceeded as we show appreciation for and awareness of the “People’s Choice” for each fashion category. As the KC Midwest Fashion Awards Association Committee prepares for this spectacular evening, we encourage you to vote today. If you have a “passion for fashion”, plan on voting and attending the April 2019 Annual Red-Carpet Awards.

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Entries must be submitted no later than the deadline date and time provided[/color][/size][/center] [center][size=2][color=#c19e00]1.4. The AWARD Nominations are open to EVERYONE, professional and amateur alike.[/color][/size][/center] [center][size=2][color=#c19e00]1.5. By entering of any KC-MFAA events you agree and acknowledge that KC-MFAA is permitted to receive and review your registration data. Participants agree that personal data including, but not limited to, name, mailing address, phone number, and email address may be collected, processed, stored and otherwise used for the purposes of conducting and administering the KC-MWFAA event.  [/color][/size][/center] [center][size=2][color=#c19e00]2.1. To place your nomination or vote, you must complete the nomination form by going to  Individuals are allowed to nominate themselves.  No more than one nomination form can be completed per person over the age of 18yrs.[/color][/size][/center] [center][size=2][color=#c19e00]3.1. All entries will be reviewed by the KC-MFAA.  Screened entries will then be reviewed by the jury of experts, and the jury will confirm the people’s choice winners.  The decisions of the jury are final.[/color][/size][/center] [center][size=2][color=#c19e00]3.2. In the event there is a cash prize from any KC-MFAA event the prize winner is not eligible to win cash prizes in subsequent events for the year. [/color][/size][/center] [center][size=2][color=#c19e00]3.3. Winning nominees may be nominated in future years award events[/color][color=#000000].  [/color][/size][/center] The KC-Midwest Fashion Awards Association is an organization emphasizing awareness and involvement within the Kansas and Missouri fashion communities. We also welcome and encourage the involvement of the fashion communities of neighboring states as well. We highlight those who have excelled and helped launch our market into the next generation of fashion excellence and recognize the standouts who have demonstrated skills and creativity that validate their inclusion among the very best in the fashion industry. Each year we turn the spotlight on the winner of each category for the previous 12 months. Each nominee’s contribution to the Kansas City world of fashion will be recognized, and the KC-MFAA will honor and award those who have proven to be successful and played an important role in the fashion industry. The KC-MFAA’s annual Red-Carpet event will be held in annually to acknowledge individuals and groups who have been voted as the best in their field in the world of fashion. In addition to the KC-MFAA’s semi-annual awards galas, we will also host other events throughout the year which represent both our organizational contribution and highlight our overall effort to encourage, work with and assist individuals to strive for excellence in the world of fashion. The mission of the KC-MFFA is to provide special recognition to those instrumental innovators, creatives, contributors and talented individuals voted as being at the forefront of the fashion industry, and to become the Midwest’s premier organization for the recognition of excellence in the world of fashion. [color=#c19e00]Our vision is to acknowledge the excellence of those in the fashion industry and for our community to come together to recognize the achievements of those in the world of fashion who have proven to be among the best in the industry.[/color] Well, this is our Story we have on our page. 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Sheri Wilson


James Prock

Vice Chair/First Vice President

Roger McRenolds  


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