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This app is an example of how to use multiple pages for different genres of photography or information.   This App has the following Pages and Sections:-

Page: Home  
Page: Senior Portrait Info
Page: Family Portrait Info
Page: Wedding Info
Page: About Us
Page: Contact
Page: success

Only one page can be visible at any one time in your App.  The top most page in the layout sections, in this case  the home page, will always be the one that is visible when the App is opened.  Any sections that are not on a page and remain on the home screen or root of the App will also be visible when the App is opened and also when any page is displayed. In this particular App the Logo, Menu, and Copyright sections will always be visible. 

The remaining pages will only be visible when they are navigated to using one of the provided methods:-

All the pages, except the Home Page, have a return button to allow you to navigate back to the Home page easily. 

The follow us on social media Buttons and Share buttons are on the Home page, this means they will only be visible when the Home page is displayed, if you want them to be visible when any page is displayed right click on them and choose  move  section to root to place them on the home screen. 

If you don't want something to be seen on every page you can move it to the home page instead by right clicking on it and choosing move section to page Home. 

You can copy duplicate or delete any sections you do not want.  Remember you will need to check and change section and page labels and any links to them if you do so. 

Once you have customised this App to how you would like it to look with your brand color and contact details etc. click on Save As Template and save it as anew template.  It's also a good idea to organise your templates and apps into folders on the App Navigator to make it easy to find what you need.

The document section containing these instructions has been set to Accordion display and visibility Hidden in the Other Setting menu and is an example of another way of displaying information that can be opened and closed like a draw.  

The document section has also been set to be only visible in the builder, so you can choose to delete these instruction or keep them as they will not appear in the published App. 
Ocean Inspired Art
TARALEAART1Family portrait photographer, family portraits, portrait photographyClick HereART SERVICES


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The Follow US Social Media Buttons are linked to the Account ID information you enter in the Quick Set Up menu.   If you haven't already entered this information you will not see any buttons in the visual design just the heading Follow us!  Once you have entered your social media account info in the Quick Set the relevant buttons will appear.  

There are 8 default Follow Us buttons: Twitter, Pinterest Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Web and Blog.  You can add additional or alternative buttons if you wish but these will need to be manually configured with the relevant account ID URL in this form 

To make changes to the Follow Buttons click on the buttons or the settings cog to open the Follow Button settings where you will see the buttons,  click each button in turn to change icons and formatting or delete any buttons you do not want in this App. You can also enter an alternative custom Social Media ID which will override the account ID in the Quick set up. This is useful if you are building the App for a 3rd party or have more than one social media account.  

These notes are only visible in the builder but you can delete the document section when you have finished. 
Original Artwork

I create original artwork from what inspires me. Mostly that is the Ocean. I can create custom artwork on commission. Payment is always made upfront before artwork begins. 

Taralea prints on 3609 Picasso™ Premium Canvas. Designed to produce solid blacks, vivid colors and smooth gradients - which is perfect for my Artwork Designs.   I print with the best and most vibrant inks for exceptional quality.  I print locally in Australia to the highest standard and these prints will last over 100 years. 
Fine Art Paper Prints

Fine Art Paper Prints of my original paintings are printed on premium art paper.  I print with the best and most vibrant inks for exceptional quality.  I print locally in Australia to the highest standard and these prints will last over 100 years. 
About the Artist

As long as I can remember, Art has always been there for me. When ever things were tough, Art was there holding my heart all the way. 

I get completely lost and it is all I can hear, see and feel when I am creating.  Some might even say it's a kind of mindfulness.  At this time in my life I would say that's true. Art always finds me. 

I don't know if we get to choose Art or if it chooses us. All I know is, it's something my soul knows very well. It is part of me, in all I am, and in every single way.  As a Mother, it's in the way I creatively show my children life.  As a person, it is in every way I connect with people, friends and family.

You can follow your heart in this life. Whatever it is that your drawn to, explore that.  It's already on your heart for a reason, trust it.  I believe the meaning of life, the reason we are here, is Love.  I love what I do, and I am very blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  By the Ocean, Creating and living My Dream.

I create Original artwork, Commissions, Prints and I have a list of Art Services I offer fellow Artists. If you would like to know more about my Art Services please email me at 

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