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SUB APPS - you can copy the return arrow from the about us page to add to each of your sub apps you will need to click the return arrow button and change the syntax to the URL of your master app eg


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We would be thrilled to be your photographer and will do everything we can to make your photo session special.  

Contact us today to start a conversation and find out more about how we can help you capture your memories for your family to enjoy today and for future generations.

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Above is an an alternate way to layout your title images using a grid section.  Depending on how the production was organized you could add a different grid with a title section for each scene and include the individual dance galleries links or one grid for everything.   
The same principle applies to your sub apps you may be able to do one app per scene with several galleries one for each dance.   If its anything like the local dance school productions I have seen different dances are performed by kids from different classes (except the principal senior dancers). So individual apps make sense and if their child is in several they can save each. 
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copy the save app & App info button section into each individual sub app.   dont forget to copy the App info text section too!  you can update the app info text to provide the information you want.